Scott Dassler

Vice President, Non-Ferrous Division

Sometimes you just get lucky – and that’s how we feel about finding Scott. A Colorado native, Scott has worked around town at various stamping and machine shops, so he knows how industrial customers operate. Then Scott started a successful small scrap pick-up operation, and he quickly realized IMI was the best place to bring his product. After years of getting to know him, we recognized Scott would be a valuable addition to our scrap buying team, so we brought him on board.

Scott has 25 years of experience overall in the metals industry, and he has become an expert at buying e-scrap, catalytic converters and automotive parts, communications components, and every other grade of scrap metal you can collect.

The bottom line: You want the most money for your scrap – and Scott has been in your shoes. He’ll help you sort, prepare, and sell your scrap so you get the best return possible.
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