Iron and Metals Policies

Hazardous Waste Policy

Iron & Metals, Inc. (IMI) cannot accept any types of liquids, sludge, hazardous waste, asbestos contaminated waste and various other types of scrap materials. 
Currently we are not accepting:
  • Machines or other items containing gas, diesel fuel or oil of any kind (machines must be fully drained of fluids to be acceptable).
  • Closed canisters (to be acceptable, they must have valves removed and/or an alternate hole created to allow airflow).
  • Closed storage tanks (to be acceptable, they must have a hole large enough to allow adequate visual inspection).
  • Barrels, paint cans or any other container (unless it is whole with the top off and has been “triple rinsed”).
  • Transformers, ballast, capacitors, or any other items containing PCBs.
  • Oil filters.
  • Refrigerators, soft drink/vending machines, A/C systems or any material not certified to have been properly evacuated of all CFCs.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Explosives – including spent guns and fracking pipe.
  • Asbestos or anything containing asbestos adhesives or insulation.
  • Propane, acetylene or any other type of gas bottle or canister unless a hole has been opened and all valves removed.

Triple Rinsed Container Policy

Following are the procedures that must be followed to place any type of container into a scrap bin provided by Iron & Metals, Inc. (barrels, cans, canisters, etc.):
  1. Any container placed in an IMI scrap bin MUST be “Triple Rinsed.”
  2. One end of the container must be cut out completely.
  3. Small containers must have the caps and/or lids removed.
  4. No residue can be present in the container.
  5. Hazardous stickers must be removed from the container.
  6. All issues related to Iron & Metals’ Hazardous Waste Policy apply.
*Triple Rinsed means flushing the container three times using a volume of dilutant equal to approximately ten percent of the container’s capacity.
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