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IMI specializes in industrial container services for metal recycling. Nobody in the Denver area maintains as many recycling container sizes, styles and trucks as we do. That means you can count on IMI to provide you with the right size container for your volume – and to switch it out quickly whenever you request a pickup.

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Available in 20-yard, 26-yard, 30-yard, 40-yard, 50-yard and 60-yard sizes.

Approximately 8 ft. wide by 20 ft. long – and from 4 ft. to 7 ft. tall.


Available in 6-yard, 8-yard, 10-yard and 12-yard sizes.

About 6 ft. wide by 8 ft. long (about the size of a parking space).


Available in small (6-yard) or large (10-yard) sizes.

These are the same as luggers, but with a locking top.

Warehouse Box

Holds about 1 cubic yard (3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.).

Please specify whether you need it with wheels or without.

Scrap Box

A rectangular box that’s a little longer and taller than a warehouse box.

Available with or without wheels.

Cargo Trailer

40 ft. open-top containers with 4 ft. to 5 ft. high sides.

Perfect for large-size pieces and clean-up jobs.

Flatbed Trailer

Ideal for handling large machinery. 

Van Trailer

Your basic fully enclosed trailer.

Great for hauling pallet loads.

Gaylord Box

Durable cardboard with a one cubic-yard capacity.

You can keep them on pallets for easy moving.

Requirements for Scrap Metal Disposal

When we can pick up:

Be prepared for pick-ups. Check to see that our containers are accessible – or alert the necessary personnel to have a pick-up path cleared.
Don’t load pans over the top edges. Scrap may stick straight up a foot or so, but never over the sides. Use common sense – if you wouldn’t drive with it, we probably won’t either.
Please check pans visually before calling in a pick-up. Any pan coming back to us with less than half a load is considered a “wasted trip.”
Please refer to your full pan by its proper name when calling in a pick-up.
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We cannot pick up your container if:

Containers are blocked by machinery, vehicles, scrap, or other obstacles that can’t be moved promptly.
Pans are overloaded and cannot be transported safely.
The wrong type of pan is called in. We use rolloffs, luggers, warehouse and scrap boxes, cargo trailers and other containers.
Hazardous materials or other materials we do not accept.
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